Client advantages, payment methods and prices

Client advantages

You’ve probably heard of my free offer for the first 15 clients. In the table below you’ll see the advantages of being one of them – the VIP clients.

Client table

Note! First free design refers only to logo, business card or icon design.

For works which require payment, here are the methods I work with:

  1. Direct payment via PayPal

After deciding on a final design, to receive it in the format you need, I’ll send you the email address to which you will have to send the money. The process goes like this: you make the payment first and then, after I see for myself that you’ve made the payment to me, I’ll send you the final work in the requested format.

I make no refunds. You probably understand that I wouldn’t ever try to take money from you without giving you the product. You are a precious client to me, and disappointing you would bring great damage to my reputation.

But if you want to be very cautious, there’s the second method below.

  2.  Payment through

This is the most secure method you can choose, for which you’ll have to pay a little more. It’s secure because Designcrowd will never give me my payment without me giving you the final files you want and also they will never give you the files without you paying me. Another advantage is that the files will be verified for quality – just in case you doubt my professionalism.

You’ll have to make an account there, open an one-on-one project choosing me as the designer, set the price as stated by me in the table – yes, this site takes its own commission from this kind of work that’s why the price is a little higher than through direct payment. Regardless of their commission value, I want to receive the sum stated by me on this page.

If you don’t set the price right, I’ll simply refuse your project – in other words none of us gets anything done.

Other details about their policy you’ll find here.

It’s up to you which method to choose. For me they’re both good.


Here is a table with the full prices, followed by another one showing the prices with discounts applied. The prices are in US dollar currency.


Note! Illustration design is NOT included in the free offer!

Page is still in progress – future updates are about to come.