About me

TN logo
My emblem – an abstract symbol from TN initials

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer working under the name Tilena Natileva (they’re both derived from Valentina, my real name). I do illustrations and stationary design. I’ve studied since highschool the mysteries of the design process, continued to do so at  Transilvania University of Brasov Romania , so I can say I have enough studies in this field.

I’ve taken part in some contests on designcrowd.com, won some of them (you can verify this from the link below) and now I want to consolidate my career as a graphic designer.

Portfolio on designcrowd.com

Lately, I’ve been doing some stock vectors and photography as well.

My current stock vectors and illustrations (they’re mainly business cards, logo and illustrations) can be seen here:

Portfolio on dreamstime.com and

Portfolio on shutterstock.com

Other works of graphic design are some illustrations featured in a free story-game which can be played/seen here: Idealiss Palace – visual novel

What I can do:

  • Logo/business card/icon design
  • Illustrations vector/raster
  • Image/photography cropping/cutting

Software I work with:

  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • GIMP

And last but not least, I continue to improve my work and portfolio each day!


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